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Rent a Virtual Reality system wherever, whenever.


Rent or try virtual reality anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area hassle-free


Perfect for private events, parties or a unique experience with friends or family. Bay Area VR Rentals offers day-to-day, weekend and event rental options so you can experience virtual reality technology without the costs of purchasing an expensive system. Our team will deliver and install everything you need to take your first step into the world of virtual reality. 


What is Virtual Reality?


Virtual Reality (often VR for short) allows users to interact with media and gaming content using a form-fitted headset and specialized controllers. High-tech sensors give users the ability to move around inside an entirely computerized world while handheld controllers enable the system to mimic movements of the arms and hands. 

Simply put, if you move your head, hands or feet while wearing VR equipment, your virtual self will do the same- within environments that will feel incredibly life-like and real.