How does it work?

Using a powerful computer, an assortment of sensors, and a headset, virtual reality tracks user movement while displaying media in real-time. Sensors can be set up in any room to provide up to 15 feet X 15 feet of usable virtual space. Within the virtual world the user sees through the lenses, the sensors communicate with the headset and handheld controllers many times per second to create instantaneous parallel movements.


Will I get motion sickness?

Despite motion-sickness rumors which spread around the initial release of virtual reality technology, very few users report instances of motion sickness. Even people that get seasick or carsick easily are unlikely to experience any issues.


What's included in the rental?

Included in your rental is (1) high-end desktop gaming computer*, (1) USB keyboard, (1) USB mouse, (1) HTC VIVE virtual reality headset, (2) HTC VIVE handheld controllers, (2) HTC VIVE 3D sensors, and (1) HDMI cable. Combined, this system is all you will need for our virtual reality experience.

*Includes library of pre-loaded games. Additional games are available by request prior to booking.